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  • Chiusa di Pesio

    Heart of the very green and homonymous Valley, the municipality counts nowadays 3700 inhabitants and is only 14 km away from Cuneo. Its territory presents a difference in altitude which goes from 575 m of the built-up area to over 2600 m of the Upper Valley.

    Characterized by a historical centre which preserves interesting palaces and religious buildings and by an antique and consolidated artisan tradition, the built-up area offers various visit occasions. Besides the famous Certosa, you can visit the ruins of the Mirabello castle with the Roman finds, the ruins of the Church of Saint Andrew, testimony of the first Christianity, the Parish Church and the neoclassic nineteenth-century Castle of Mombrisone.

    There is a wide choice of museums with the Museum of the Glass and Crystal Factory Organisation and Ceramics of Chiusa, the Resistance Museum and the Photographic Michele Pellegrino Collection.

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  • Itineraries

    The paths which cross the Pesio Valley from the plain to the upper mountain can satisfy the most different requirements: from the visitor who chooses a walk to admire the naturalistic and cultural patrimony of the Valley to the ones who prefer mountain bike or horse-riding till the sportsman who loves more difficult excursions and who moves in winter with skis and snowshoes.

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  • Sport and fun

    The Pesio Valley is the ideal destination for sports people. Besides its territory perfect for excursions on foot, by mountain bike, by horse or in winter with skis and snowshoes, it offers a series of structures dedicated to the most different sports activities: starting from sport climbing to bowling, from ice-skating to country-cross skiing.

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  • Certosa di Pesio

    The Monastery was founded in 1173, the year in which the lords of Morozzo donated to the carthusian Order all the land of the upper Pesio Valley. The Monastery, not far from the head quarters in Grenoble, was to be the third most important in Italy after the Calabrese site in Serra San Bruno , founded by St. Brunone himself in 1090 , and the nearby Cenobio of Casotto.

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Something about this valley

The Pesio Valley stands out for the beauty and the extension of the woods and for the variety in flora and fauna due to its rich vegetation. Situated in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Ligurian Alps, the Pesio Valley is a border territory with snowy peaks and first Mediterranean influences. It is dominated by the Marguareis Mountain, the highest peak of the Ligurian Alps, where the massif is characterized by one of the most important karstic systems of the western Alpine arc.

Valle Pesio

The valley is visited by sportsmen, mountaineers, speleologists, who have made it an international attraction destination, but more in general by all the lovers of nature who are looking for a direct and essential contact with the environment or who want to find an oasis of peace and silence in the shadow of the century-old Carthusian monastery. At the foot of the Valley, the Municipality of Chiusa di Pesio welcomes the visitors in the characteristic old centre. From here you can start following cultural routes, food-and-wine itineraries and walks or rides in the nearby woods among archaeological finds, nineteenth-century hunting villas, antique fortification ruins, churches and country chapels.